Brick Paver Maintenance Repair NJ

Brick Paver Maintenance Repair NJ

Are you in need of Brick Paver Maintenance and Repair in the NJ area? Then you have come to the right place. All Green Lawn and Landscape is your source for all Brick Paver Maintenance and Repairs in NJ. Please read below on a few tips on Brick Paver Maintenance and Repair in NJ. You can contact All Green Lawn and Landscape here.

Brick pavers are a great way to give your patio that timeless and classic brick look. Stylish brick pavers have an appearance and charm unlike anything else. Brick paver patios and walls in Holmdel NJ are becoming more popular with each passing year. Let All Green Lawn & Landscaping show you how to do proper brick paver maintenance.

Sweeping Your Brick Pavers

Ideally each year you should sand the joints in your bricks. Doing this once a year will help stop erosion between the joints, which will prevent the exposure of compacted base materials and settling. Settling in landscaping terminology means brick movement, scary! Without sweeping or sanding the brick paver joints, the bricks will inevitably settle over time.

Something important to keep in mind is that water and moisture can in fact be harmful to brick paver walks or patios. Freezing Holmdel NJ winters can cause settling in brick pavers.

Brick Paver Sweep Sands

There are a limited amount of brick sweep sand choices available. The most common is standard sweep sand. Maintenance is as simple as pouring the dry sand on your brick pavers and sweeping the sand in the joins. When you have to seal bricks in place, make sure to sweep the sand off the brick faces.

One sand that was popular at one point is known as polysand. Polymeric sand contains a polymer, also known as a binding agent, that helps keep the bricks in place and provide resistance to moisture. When it is used properly, it can work wonders. If it is used incorrectly however, it can leave behind a haze or film on the bricks. Polysanded bricks have to be gently treated with water to lubricate the joints and to rinse off the powdery residue from the brick faces.

It’s essential that any hazing is removed from bricks before being placed.

Finishing Brick Paver Maintenance

To finish brick paver maintenance, either a brick paver sealer or a joint stabilizing paver sealer is optimal for all applications. A good brick paver sealer will help protect the bricks longer from weathering and loss of color. Joint stabilizing brick sealers will keep the bricks sealed and protected while hardening the sweeping sand between the bricks, keeping the bricks firmly in place.

Don’t worry too much if settling does occur because brick pavers are designed to be reset and re-leveled when necessary. That’s why bricks were popular in roads many years ago.

If you have to do re-leveling in Holmdel New Jersey, you may want to hire a professional instead of tackling that project yourself.

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