Repairing Brick Pavers

Brick pavers in East Brunswick NJ have turned out to be a trendy choice for many landscaping designs nowadays. Brick pavers are used for homes with patios and walkway structures, and even for driveways and pool patios. They are eye-catching and offer a variety of design options. From time to time, mostly if the pavers were not installed efficiently or correctly it will be necessary to repair pavers.

By: Brad Schwark

Most repairs are usually necessary once a brick paver sinks or cracks and whatever damage you have in your pavers due to time. Pavers sometimes go down around pool coping, and pavers without joint sand can be difficult. These are not essentially hard to repair, but it depends upon your technical capability. A homeowner may want to call in a service provider to make sure the repairs are completed correctly.

Either you decide to repair the brick paversby yourself or just call a service provider to do it for you, it is helpful to comprehend the procedure. Below is a clarification of how to properly repair the pavers around pool coping. The repair procedure is the same for any kind of brick pavers in East Brunswick NJ.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Remove the pavers and identify the cause of the problem in the pavers. It is useful to understand the cause and solution, and if some installation problem caused the brick to come loose.
  • Wet the area around the pool coping as much as needed. You want the whole thing to pack down so that the area is level and even.
  • Adding a layer of screened sand before replacing the paver will level the surface.
  • You must put the pavers in place and add joint sand. Tamp the pavers so that they are developed resolutely and strongly in place.
  • Clean any extra sand from the area and spray with a water hose. You want to be sure the joints are filled and compacted firmly. Just add more sand if needed.

The aim is to remove the broken brick pavers then add a new one firmly so that they will not come loose again and cause trouble. In repairing, make certain the soldier row and the edging are holding it all in place safely. The edges are the most susceptible area to loose bricks, particularly if the set up was not done correctly. The edges are the most vulnerable to the impact of water and wearing out. If all is done correctly, your new bricks in East Brunswick NJ should fit in flawlessly.

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