Now is the Time for Seeding and Core Aerating

Hey NJ Homeowners! Now is the time for seeding and core aerating

By: Brad Schwark

Dear Homeowner,

This is the best time of the year to re-seed your lawn. With this summer’s heavy rains lawns are stressed from fungus. A thick green lawn is the best defense against weeds and disease. As a lawn ages its reproductive rates slow down. A thinning lawn will allow weeds to fill in next spring. We use the best seed blends creating a durable and lush green lawn. Our process involves marking out sprinkler heads to prevent damage and operating a power seeder through your lawn to provide the best seed to soil contact. This equipment gives us the best germination rate possible.

All lawns will benefit from core aeration. Core aerating is the process of removing many plugs of soil from your lawn. This allows improved flow of air and nutrients. Water infiltration is also improved making your irrigation system more efficient. Core aerating will also help break up thatch in your lawn from the long hot summer.

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